Friday, April 01, 2005

Eyepiece Fatigue

I often feel like I'm living my most important moments through the eyepiece of a video camera. With what I've said below, I' may be able to live them again, free from the eyepiece or video display.

We Won't Notice the Rise of the Machines

I think that the idea of mapping characters out of video and the
other idea of creating AI constructs from videos of people will really
happen someday. Remember in Bruce Sterling's "Bicycle Repairman", that
the senator's mook (receptionist/valet software) had basically begun to
think it WAS the senator. The mook had originated as a diary. It had
appropriated the speech patterns of the senator, and many of his
opinions too.
It seems to me that this is just an extension of the same type of
software that recommends books and music to you at Amazon. Instead of
book purchases though, this software would catalog a person's word and
phrase usage, their facial expressions and the events giving rise to
them, and so on.