Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Robotic Book Scanner

In Vernor Vinge's "Rainbow's End" a corporation is rapidly scanning the contents of the Ted Geisel library at UCSD using innovative technology: The machines grind the books up, chopping them into tiny bits, and vacuums up this book dust. Each tiny book particle is photographed as it is disposed of, and all of the images taken by the system are later stitched back together by powerful vision software.

The video above shows us an alternative to such destructive techniques. The robot turns the pages itself and GENTLY scans two pages at a time.

I think the librarians would favor this approach much better!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Doing Face Art with RoboRealm

This video is one of what I'm calling "Face Art". My webcam is taking a view of me and my surroundings and then RoboRealm - a video processing program designed as a vision platform for robotics - is performing a bunch of transformations to the video. Things like motion detection, frame averaging, histogram processing, mirroring, and so on.

It's fun, and not difficult to set up.

Sorry, no sound. I have some ideas for that, but can't get to it right now.