Friday, September 05, 2008

Doing Face Art with RoboRealm

This video is one of what I'm calling "Face Art". My webcam is taking a view of me and my surroundings and then RoboRealm - a video processing program designed as a vision platform for robotics - is performing a bunch of transformations to the video. Things like motion detection, frame averaging, histogram processing, mirroring, and so on.

It's fun, and not difficult to set up.

Sorry, no sound. I have some ideas for that, but can't get to it right now.


bradvr said...

Nicely done. Reminds me of work we did in the 70's with video feedback. Love the blending of technology to create art. I can see it working really well with Kraftwerk or Tangerine Dream. B

brain said...

Yeah, I remember doing that video feedback, and Ralph's iguana, Chet.