Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Things to do

There is a multitude of things I don't understand, that I would like to. I want to move along in converting my photo and video archives into a VR memory-assist library or museum. Initially, this VR space will occupy a computer memory. Eventually, I hope that it will be incorporated into my own augmented brain. This seems to be the subject this blog is taking, somewhat without my having planned it that way.
I have begun to realize that, in a way, EVERYTHING is software. That means that without the personal ability to create and modify software, I am without a very necessary skill set. I have begun to study the C++ programming language. I downloaded the free text of "Thinking in C++" and I am studying that every day. In addition, I have discovered many articles about how various groups have implemented the conversion of video streams into panoramic mosaics and even full 3D environments. Imagine being able to video record a scene, and then feed that video into an application that converts it into a 3D space. That's what is coming. If you are interested, you should look up the Photosynth website. This is a Microsoft Research product that correlates any number of photographs of an area into a 3D space, and retains the ability to navigate to each image. The demo video is really cool.

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