Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Manna not From Heaven

Manna is the name of a management program that debuted on May 17, 2010, according to this fictionalization from Marshall Brain.
Manna debuts in a fast food restaurant. All the employees wear wireless headsets, and Manna resides on a PC under the former manager's desk. Manna replaced the manager and his assistants. All day long, Manna issues voice commands through the headsets, and the wearer performs the tasks, then says, "ok." Each task is simple, like, "Walk toward the trash receptacle. Open the cabinet. Remove the trash bin." and so on.
Manna saves Burger-G $250 million in its first year. Soon, all businesses that can, are running Manna. Manna organizes the workers at a superstore so that they never even see each other. All to boost productivity.
Thus, these minimum wage earners become the eyes, ears, and hands of the robotic future.


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